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Every member, friend, or attender of the Middletown Seventh-day Adventist church is encouraged to get engaged in ministry and serve within the church and out in the community.  Why? It is simple: it benefits you and it benefits those in our fellowship and our community.  Think about a campfire.  To keep the fire going it is important that you keep the embers close together and occasionally put on new wood.  If a burning ember becomes separated from the other embers, it will soon lose its fire and go out. You and I are the burning embers.  The fire is God’s love.  God has given us a passion, a fire to warm those in the fellowship and those in our community.  Simply put, when you are plugged into service through one or more ministries you are emanating and radiating the love God has placed in your heart through the Holy Spirit: love for people in the church fellowship and love for people in our community.  That is the whole reason God has placed us in Louisville, KY: To share the genuine love of Jesus.  

So, prayerfully consider how you can be plugged in and serve. We would love to have you get involved in one of our ministries here at the church. Find a group passion that speaks to you, and get plugged in. You can click on the ministry you are interested in finding out more about, or please contact the Church Office.

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If you feel like you would like to lead/be involved with a ministry, please fill out this form so we can help make that happen.

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