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Inter Agency Warehouse Disaster Relief Help Needed
Dear Middletown members,

Our ACS warehouse in Jeffersonville is a very busy, exciting place to be. Not only does one feel grateful that they can have a small part in reaching out to the disaster victims, acting as God’s hands and feet, but there is a sense of camaraderie and satisfaction for a job well done. We see daily evidence that God is working in this relief effort—whether moving mountains to originally secure the warehouse building itself (unheard of bypassing of federal red tape), arranging circumstances so that the right person with needed expertise is available at the right time, or even opening doors so we provided the disaster training that we have offered here in Louisville, some even before the disaster in our area actually occurred. It is clear that God’s hand is in this effort. I encourage each of you to not miss the opportunity to be a part of all that is happening at our warehouse!

We would like to have as many SDAs working at our site as possible, trained or untrained. Won’t you seriously consider what part you can fill in reaching out to these neighbors of ours who have experienced such devastation? I am currently creating schedules for this week and next so we can let other agencies know what extra help we may need. Yes, there are many other organizations that provide volunteers at the warehouse—the Latter Day Saints, groups of college students from local colleges, United Way volunteers, etc. It warms my heart to see our “yellow shirted” trainees working alongside these people. It makes a statement to them that Adventists care about our community plus we have a chance to interact with them and even build relationships with those not of our faith.

I look forward to hearing from each of you concerning the part you will fill. There is something each can do!

Blessings to you as you consider the debt we each owe to those around us,

Barbara Hagele
Louisville ACS Committee Chair